Mara Hoffman Fall 2014

KIM_0030.450x675 KIM_0139.450x675 KIM_0155.450x675 KIM_0175.450x675 KIM_0188.450x675 KIM_0117.450x675 KIM_0339.450x675 KIM_0427.450x675 KIM_0528.450x675 KIM_0567.450x675 KIM_0607.450x675 KIM_0634.450x675 Mara Hoffman


From her choice of fabrics to the prints and styling, Mara Hoffman can do no wrong in my book. For her Fall 2014 collection she brought it again. I am in love with all those black and white tribal prints.


I’ve always been impressed by the unique knitwear and patterns by fashion mega house Missoni. It’s great that they will have a line available at target pretty soon. I want every single item, really loving the stationary I want them ASAP!

Picture from: Carmen Vogue