This past Halloween was different but a lot of fun. Instead of going to a party, we decided to do something different; ride our bikes with skull faces like the ghost riders from Paris. Project « Ghostrider » was born from the desire of two fixed gear passionates who decided to film their night strolling in the french capital city.Jérémy and Anto, aka // Les Darons //, (the first one is a film director, the other one a photographer) captured the adrenalin spirit of their passion for riding their fixies on this video. What makes it so great is the use of the song Viol by Gesaffelstein, sufficiently dark and upbeat to keep up withe the mood of this ride.

Fond of images and fixies, catch the adrenalin spirit of the discipline inside their cameras. The first opus, « Ghostrider » is soon massively shared. A year later, it’s time for « Ghostrider II », with only one leitmotiv : the search for danger that brings out the filthiest instincts.