DIY – Fringe Necklace

Here’s a DIY for a fringe necklace from the lovely Mrs. Ellen from Universe and you.

What you need:

  1. Elastic Cord
  2. Pen
  3. Piece of leather
  4. Cutting Mat
  5. Cutter
  6. Leather Glue
  7. Ruler ( this one is specially to use with a cutter )

Step 1 : Cut the elastic about 90 cm ( about 35,5 inch). Make the hangman’s noose knot on both sides. I choose this knot because you can adjust the size, making it longer or shorter.

Step 2 : Mark the leather. Start with one fringe, the biggest one 20cm x 0,5 cm (7,9 x 0,2 inch) and then mark 2 fringes with 1cm (4 inch) smaller. And keep marking two fringes each time 1cm (4 inch) smaller than the last one. Mark the total of 22 fringes + the big fringe for the necklace (you can make less fringes if you want). After that mark 2 fringes of 19 cm (7,5 inch) for the end of the necklace.

Step 3 : After you mark put the leather piece above the cutting mat and then cut fringe by fringe.

Step 4 : Take all your fringes and organize them in a way that you can see the final product.

Step 5 : Find the middle of your necklace and the glue the big fringe. This glue that I bought you have to wait about 5 to 10 minutes to glue them together. You can try other kinds of glue, or the one you can find it. After you glue the first one, start to glue two by two, one on each side.

Step 6 : After you glued all the fringes of the necklace, take those 2 fringes of 19 cm (7,5 inch) that you cut and glue at the end of your necklace.

And that’s it ! Your fringe necklace is ready !! Hope you have fun doing this!

Here’s also a video that explains how to tie the noose knot.

Via: DIY – Fringe Necklace.

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