Free People’s “Through the Decades”: The 20′s

If I had to choose an era to live in I guess It will be something in between the 60’s and the 20’s, but mostly the 20’s. Really loving how Free People worked their Holiday lookbook, all the looks are amazing. I love the hair pieces, the shoes, the lace and the buff tones. I’m in heaven with this pics!

Free People’s “Through the Decades”: The 20′s via « acertainshadeofblack.

3 thoughts on “Free People’s “Through the Decades”: The 20′s

  1. I totally agree you with! Love the 20’s. Not so much the 60s though. Visually appealing but wouldn’t want to actually live in that timeline. I can’t live without technology. Seriously.


  2. I’m with you on the 20s too, and I also like the 30s for that matter – the fashion is just so elegant, sensual and beautiful. Great pictures!

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