One of my favorite things to do is go out to dinner. I’m pretty much a foodie and I’m always open to trying out new restaurants and different kinds of food. Actually one of my dream jobs is working as a food critic for a gastronomy magazine. So from now on I will be posting about my latest adventures with food, most of them local. Here’s my first one about Toro Salao, hope you enjoy it!

Toro Salao is located in Tetuan st. in Old San Juan. The concept is an homage to our Spanish heritage with its creative tapas. I love the decor, it has a wallpaper with pictures and newspaper articles about Spanish bullfighters. The drinks are pretty good, this time I had a traditional mojito and my boyfriend had a Margarita Brava (it was pretty spicy!). Most of the time they are playing flamenco music which is a plus. The menu includes croquettes, cocas,cold cuts and bigger portions of fish or meat. This time I guess it was our lucky day, because until October they have a special of a 4 course meal for $30 per person! So we went for it, and it was so delicious!



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